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Healing Approach

You are an active force in your own healing journey.

I believe the people must be empowered to take ownership of their healing journey, and I am here to serve as a guide on the path.

I spend extra time carefully understanding and researching your case, answering your questions, and customizing treatments for your situation. I remember you from session to session, deepening my understanding about you each time. I am running this marathon of change with you. 

This allows for a depth of care and healing that is rarely found in the current medical landscape.    

This approach can bring lasting resolution to health imbalances by attending to the root causes. To use a car analogy, symptoms are the equivalent of the body's check engine light. Just turning off the check engine light (the body's symptoms) would backfire in the end. Instead, we must resolve the reasons behind the symptoms.

The deeper level of Chinese medicine facilitates all beings to actualize their individual destiny.

At a fundamental level, diseases and imbalances are nature's way of showing us that we are off our true path. My approach to medicine involves supporting clients to be their true selves. I believe that when more people have found a way to live according to their destiny, this will bring greater levels of peace and contentment to our society.

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